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how to clone database by RMAN:
it depends on recovering files from previous backup

  1. create PFILE for new database based on PFILE from source database
    main changes:
    • db_name
    • control_files
    • audit_file_dest
    • background_dump_dest
    • user_dump_dest
    • core_dump_dest
  2. create password file for new database:
    orapwd file=orapw[db_new] password=[pass]
  3. add new database to listener.ora and tnsnames.ora,
  4. create dirs for new database file,
  5. create directories for trace logs as admin with subdirectories: adump, udump, cdump, bdump,
  6. startup new auxiliary database in nomout mode(! then exit from your session because it will be hang on)
  7. start rman with ORACLE_SID = auxiliary database:
  8. at the auxiliary server run command:
    rman auxiliary / target sys/[sys_pass]@[targetdb_tnsalias] catalog rman/[rman_pass]@[catalogdb_tnsalias]
    you should get an output:
    connected to target database: [db_name] (DBID=[db_id])
    connected to recovery catalog database
    connected to auxiliary database: [db_name] (not mounted)
  9. run script:
    run {
    set newname for datafile 4 to ‚/oracle/oradata/[db_new]/users01.dbf’;
    set newname for datafile 3 to ‚/oracle/oradata/[db_new]/sysaux01.dbf’;
    set newname for datafile 2 to ‚/oracle/oradata/[db_new]/undotbs01.dbf’;
    set newname for datafile 1 to ‚/oracle/oradata/[db_new]/system01.dbf’;
    set newname for datafile 5 to ‚/oracle/oradata/[db_new]/example01.dbf’;
    set newname for tempfile 1 to ‚/oracle/oradata/[db_new]/temp.dbf’;
    duplicate target database to [db_new]
    ‚/oracle/oradata/[db_new]/redo01.log’ size 50m,
    ‚/oracle/oradata/[db_new]/redo02.log’ size 50m,
    ‚/oracle/oradata/[db_new]/redo03.log’ size 50m;}

    to generate script above use sql at source db:
    spool clonescript.rcv
    select ‚set newname for datafile ‚||file_id||’ to ”’||file_name||”’;’ from dba_data_files order by file_id;
    select ‚set newname for tempfile ‚||file_id||’ to ”’||file_name||”’;’ from dba_temp_files order by file_id;
    spool off;
    and next modify output in vim:
    :% s/ora6\/oradata\/DBSRC/u01\/oradata\/DBAUX\/datafile
    or another script:

    run {
    set until time „to_date(‚2010-07-02:01:00′,’yyyy-mm-dd:hh24:mi’)”;
    configure default device type to sbt;
    configure device type sbt parallelism 2;
    configure auxiliary channel 1 device type sbt parms ‚ENV=(NB_ORA_SERV=server_name,NB_ORA_CLIENT=server_target_name)’;
    configure auxiliary channel 2 device type sbt parms ‚ENV=(NB_ORA_SERV=server_name,NB_ORA_CLIENT=server_target_name)’;
    duplicate target database to [db_new]
    ‚[logfile_aux_path]/redo01.log’ size 100m,
    ‚[logfile_aux_path]/redo02.log’ size 100m,
    ‚[logfile_aux_path]/redo03.log’ size 100m;

for more read documentation

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