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create database manualy:

* create PFILE
main changes:
– db_name
– control_files
– audit_file_dest
– background_dump_dest
– user_dump_dest
– core_dump_dest

example init[dbname].ora


* create password file for new database:
orapwd file=orapw[dbname] password=[pass]

* add new database to listener.ora and tnsnames.ora,

* create dirs for new database file,

* create dirs for trace logs as admin with subdirectories: adump, udump, cdump, bdump,

* run script:

spool crt_db.spool
startup nomount
create database [dbname]
user sys identified by [pass]
user system identified by [pass]
maxinstances 5
maxloghistory 5
maxlogfiles 10
maxlogmembers 5
maxdatafiles 1000
character set EE8ISO8859P2
national character set AL16UTF16
datafile ‚[path]/system01.dbf’ size 512M autoextend on next 10M maxsize unlimited
sysaux datafile ‚[path]/sysaux01.dbf’ SIZE 1024M
logfile group 1 (‚[path]/redo01.log’) size 100m,
group 2 (‚[path]/redo02.log’) size 100m,
group 3 (‚[path]/redo03.log’) size 100m
default temporary tablespace TEMP tempfile ‚[path]/temp01.dbf’ size 2048M
undo tablespace UNDO_TS datafile ‚[path]/undotbs01.dbf’ size 3000M autoextend off,
‚[path]/undotbs02.dbf’ size 512M autoextend on next 10M maxsize unlimited;
spool off

* run script:

spool catalog.spool
spool off
spool catproc.spool
spool off
spool catrep.spool
spool off
spool initjvm.spool
spool off
spool dbmsrand.spool
spool off
spool utlrp.spool
spool off
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